Deluxe Twisted Drying Towel
Deluxe Twisted Drying Towel

Deluxe Twisted Drying Towel

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What's more to say other than could this be the ultimate drying towel?

80cm x 50cm The perfect size 

A Huge 1400gsm 

Twisted fibres for the ultimate water absorption 

Dual layered

Edgeless construction provides a larger surface area of dual twist fibres improving water absorption whilst minimising any surface scratches which can be a problem with stitched edges on other towels.

Dry the whole vehicle easily with just 1 towel, once finished wring out excess water from the towel and allow to dry naturally.

If the towel becomes dirty simply wash with non-bio powder WITHOUT fabric softener or use a dedicated microfibre wash at 30-40°C and again allow to dry naturally.

Comes supplied in a zip lock bag to keep it contaminant free when not in use.

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