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Angelwax Dreamcoat Spray On Rinse Off Si02 Coating 500ml

Angelwax Dreamcoat Spray On Rinse Off Si02 Coating 500ml

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DREAMCOAT is a beautifully simple spray on, rinse off SiO₂ coating that can be applied in minutes and provides instant gloss combined with a highly durable protective layer on the surface of your vehicle. Our unique, easy to use formulation creates extreme levels of hydrophobicity and offers chemical resistance to vehicle bodywork including metal, glass, plastic, rubber and vinyl.


The self-cleaning nature of the product helps to prevent contamination adhering itself to the treated surface thus ensuring the vehicle stays cleaner for longer with durability exceeding 3 months.



Thoroughly wash and rinse the vehicle.

Once the exterior is completely free from contamination and ensuring that the surface is both

wet and cool to the touch, apply DREAMCOAT using the trigger sprayer provided and rinse off immediately.


Never allow DREAMCOAT to dwell or dry out on its surface!



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