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Angelwax Exodus 2 year Glass Coating 15ml

Angelwax Exodus 2 year Glass Coating 15ml

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EXODUS is a professional grade glass coating that chemically bonds to glass and has a durability of up to 2 years from a single application. The deviations that appear on glass surfaces are only visible under a microscope and once EXODUS has been applied to the glass it creates an optically flat surface which is completely smooth and helps keep the glass cleaner for longer.

Once the coating has been applied, any water making contact with the glass will turn into micro-droplets and bead straight off the vehicle, even at low speeds. The performance of the windscreen wiper will not be affected and any ice, insects and bird lime are very easily removed. Driving in wet road conditions becomes much safer and reduces eye strain especially whilst driving at night.



If applying EXODUS to the front windscreen, lift the wipers away from the glass.

Thoroughly clean the glass with VISION or STRIPPED-EASE to remove all contamination.

Attach the suede cloth to the applicator pad. Use a flat edged tool to insert the cloth into the grooves on the applicator block ensuring a tight fit.

Carefully open the bottle and apply EXODUS liberally onto the suede cloth.

Ensure that the glass is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

For windscreens, apply the coating from the bottom of the screen and work upwards as evenly as possible ensuring to overlap each application.

For side windows, apply the coating from right to left following the direction of travel and airflow.

Once the coating has been applied, allow two minutes before removing the residue with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Allow 2 hours for the coating to thoroughly cure before driving the vehicle and ensure the glass remains dry during the bonding process

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