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Edgeless Deluxe Buffing Cloth

Edgeless Deluxe Buffing Cloth

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Our new Edgeless Deluxe Buffing Cloth boast a twin pile structure, making it ideal for a number of jobs. 

Simply use the short pile side for product removal when using products such as Ultra all in one polish, Glazed, Glow and our paste waxes Hybrid & Hydro

Once you have removed the bulk of the product, flip the cloth over to the plush side for final buffing of your paintwork.

Plush side is also ideal for use with our spray products such as Flair, Silk, Glow & Speed seal.

Ultrasonic cut edges are also safer on your paintwork reducing the risk of scratching compared to an edged cloth.



Twin pile structure 

Ultrasonic cut edges

Machine wash at 40°C (Do not use fabric softener)

Air dry or Tumble dry on low heat

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