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Hand Safe GF90 Nitrile Gloves (200)

Hand Safe GF90 Nitrile Gloves (200)

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Hand Safe GF90 Box of 200 Nitrile gloves (Large) 

These gloves are perfect for protecting your hands from substances and risks you may encounter in DIY, domestic cleaning or beauty-related environments. They are waterproof, offer a low level of resistance against chemical permeation and are approved for medical use (non-sterile) and food handling.

Performance Ratings

  • CE Category: Cat III
    • Waterproof gloves and low chemical resistance (not reflecting duration of protection)
  • EN 455 (Standard for Medical Gloves)
    • EN 455-1 (Freedom from Holes)
    • EN 455-2 (Physical Properties)
    • EN 455-3 (Biological Evaluation)
    • EN 455-4 (Shelf Life Determination)
  • Food approval EC1935/2004 (except fatty foods)

Key Features

  • Robust nitrile gloves
  • Protects your hands from low level risks
  • Safe for contact with food
  • Approved for single medical use
  • Great tear resistance for disposable gloves
  • Waterproof with some chemical resistance
  • Blue for improved traceability
  • Ambidextrous design for easy application
  • Latex free for reduced allergy risk
  • Powder-free to prevent dust contamination
  • Palm thickness: 0.07mm
  • Finger thickness: 0.09mm
  • Box of 200 gloves
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