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Multi Stage Polishing / Paint Correction

Multi Stage Polishing / Paint Correction

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Similar to our paintwork enhancement package however the polishing phase is taken to another level. 

Multi stage polishing ensures the best possible results. A heavy cut polish is used to cut the paint to remove deeper defects that a standard enhancement wouldn't remove. This will unfortunately leave the paint marred and hazy.

This is where the 2nd stage comes in. A lighter cut finishing polish is then used to restore the glossy finish with extreme depth and clarity brought back to the paintwork. 

What's included?
- High pressure pre rinse to remove loose dirt
- A blanket of snow foam or citrus pre-wash applied
- Wheels cleaned
- Wheel arches cleaned
- Door shuts wiped clean
- Bodywork washed using our 2 bucket method
- Dried with soft microfibre towels
- 2 stage decontamination removing tar and iron   fallout
- Clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminants
- Final rinse
- multi stage machine polish to remove the majority of defects and swirl marks to improve clarity and gloss levels
- Our durable fully synthetic wax applied
- Tyres, Trims and wheel arches dressed
- Glass cleaned
Ceramic coatings to paintwork, glass and trim is available at extra cost

This service can only be carried out in our unit, please call for more information or to book in 01246 453538

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