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Soft Top Clean & Protect

Soft Top Clean & Protect

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If your soft top convertible is in need of some tlc then our soft top clean & protect service is for you.

Convertible soft top roofs benefit from regular maintenance with periodic cleaning to help prevent build up of dirt, grime, moss and bird droppings. The waterproof coating will also deteriorate over time allowing water to soak into the fibres and become mouldy. 

We generally use a citrus based cleaner to break down the dirt and grime and agitate with a range of cleaning brushes. The roof is then allowed to dry naturally for a thorough inspection. The process is repeated until the roof is clean. 

Once cleaned and dried we apply 2 layers of our roof protectant to protect the newly cleaned roof. This also provides a long term waterproof barrier. 

Price is from £120 for this service 

This service can only be provided at our unit 

Please call for further information and to book in

Unit 4, Whitting Valley Road, Chesterfield, S41 9EY 



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